Founded in 2017, FOGLDN LTD was created to be there as a proxy solution for all. We strive to create the best products and services we can and cover our customers from every possible challenge that could face them, while making everything as easy as possible to use.


All of our products are designed to be as easy to use as possible. Whether its using proxies for monitoring, web scraping or at specific times. Every product comes with an easy to use interface, simple messages and 24/7 support to keep you running.


Being easy to use is one thing. But being the best is another. Despite clear and simple user-friendly interfaces, every item is crafted to be as fast and power as it can be. For example, our proxies have custom settings built in to find and use the fastest proxies available for your target site.


What this all delivers is easy. The goal you want to achieve. Our proxies are responsible for hundreds of happy customers. Results come from the never ending desire to merge simplicity and advancement all into one.